FunnelsBot High-Performance Bundle
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You can now hide or delete comments after replying. This means… your competitors cannot see customers’ comments, and can’t take them away anymore. Besides, based on keywords, this feature can delete or hide abusive comments. Keep your Instagram account’s image absolutely clean.
Replying to clients’ comments can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if there are so many. Now create automated replies for all upcoming comments under any posts throughout your Instagram account.
Reply to comments and posts where you are mentioned by other people. If a client mentions you in a comment or a post, this feature will instantly make a reply on your behalf. It not only makes generic replies but also keyword-based replies. Take engagement to a whole new level.
See all the posts where you are tagged and the names of the accounts that have tagged you. Easily visit the posts and accounts by clicking on the posts’ IDs and account names.
Don’t not want anyone commenting under a specific post? – No worries. Simply disable comments for any post on your Instagram accounts. Of course you can also re-enable Comments if you change your mind later.
See all the comments for an individual post in a single window.
UNLOCK Messenger Bot Enhancer
Messenger Checkbox
You can now include a checkbox in forms to allow people to opt-in to receive messages from you on Messenger. This is useful for providing follow-up at a later time, such as confirmations and updates.

(This only works in HTTPS websites.)
roi-marketers-icon Link & QR Code
Now link people directly to your Messenger bot. When the link is clicked, a conversation is automatically opened on or in the Messenger mobile app. Engage your audience 24x7.
Customer Chat
Embed a chat box directly into your website. Help your customer interact with your business round-the-clock.
Now collect data from users inside Messenger. Use this to have your audience make reservations, bookings, get orders, submit proposals, collect emails, collect phone numbers etc.

With user input flow, you can ask a single or series of questions from your clients or prospective customers inside Messenger. Once the client gives an answer, the next question is sent (if any).

But it doesn’t end here…

These answers are saved in the database for future use.
Create and manage your online store...
  • Display featured products in the store front
  • Manage multiple related products
  • Upsell or downsell products
  • Create an ‘Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin’.
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